Paper Tapes - Hyopallergenic

Paper Tapes - Hyopallergenic

Product no.: AP

Aero Healthcare
Flexibility - conforms and stretches with your movements Individually packaged, Microporous, Non-woven
AP312 White Paper - No dispenser 1.25cm x 5m   Min Order Qty 24 (1 box)
AP325 White Paper - No dispenser 2.5cm x 5m   Min Order Qty 12 (1 box)
AP350 White Paper - No dispenser 5cm x 5.m   Min Order Qty 6 (1 box)

Selection: Paper Tapes - Hyopallergenic

Product no. Size comment Price
AP312 1.25cm x 5m White Paper - no dispenser
AP325 2.5cm x 5m White Paper - no dispenser
AP350 5cm x 5m White Paper - no dispenser

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