Medical Alerts - Bracelets

Medical Alerts - Bracelets

Product no.: 74000

Emergency ID jewellery available on blister cards
Each item made from individually polished, non-allergenic stainless steel (not plated)
Bracelet Length: 8"" (20cm)
74001 Diabetic
74002 Asthmatic
74003 Anti-coagulant
74005 Heart
74007 Drug Allergy
74008 Epilepsy
74012 Penicillin
74017 (blank to engrave)

Selection: Medical Alerts - Bracelets

Product no. Item Detail Price
74001-vmd Diabetic
74002-vma Asthmatic
74003-vmac Anti-Coagulant
74005-vmh Heart
74007-vmda Drug Allergy
74008-vme Epilepsy
74012-vmp Penicillin
74017-vmb (Blank to engrave)

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