First Aid Consumables

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Product no.: PS603

22cm ice bag with large opening to fit whole ice cubes
Soft cover for comfort, Latex Free
Preferred by professional trainers

Product no.: GLOV-2

Aero Healthcare
Single packet contains one pair of gloves.
Suitable for First Aid kits replacement or individual sale

Product no.: A-SPLINT

Aero Healthcare
Aluminium Foam Splint, flat folded
90 x 11 cm
Suitable for arm and leg splints

Product no.: FABOOK

Aero Healthcare
Premium First Aid Guide

Product no.: ATB130

Aero Healthcare
The Thermo Accident Blanket is used to ensure maximum warmth retention for patient suffering shock.
As shock follows nearly every accident or injury, the Thermo Accident Blanket is an invaluable addition to every first aid kit.
185cm x 130cm

Product no.: AM01

Aero Healthcare
Resuscitation Mask, Gloves & CPR Card in Hard Case.
Pre-assembled - No further assembly required.
Eliminates risk of accidental dropping of valve when case is opened.
Eliminates possible mouthpiece contamination from handling.
Mask is designed to help operator maintain firm grip, even under wet conditions.
New Double Valve Protection - contains two separate valves working independently to increase operator safety.

Product no.: BDP08-888

Home Care - Basic Dressing Packs are designed not only for hospitals, but also are a convenient and easy way for the patient to clean and dress wounds post-op in the privacy and comfort in their own home.
Sterile - All packs are sterile, eliminating the risk of infection
Disposable - All contents are disposable, including the Tray. This eliminates sterilising or autoclaving

Product no.: AWDS

Aero Healthcare
These field wound dressings are a highly absorbent cotton pad attached to a gauze bandage.
Available in 3 sizes, they are a single use item and ideal for first aid and emergency response.
To use, pull tab to unwrap dressing. Avoid touching front of sterile pad. Place pad over wound, keep a hold of the short end of the bandage and wind the long end firmly around limb and tie in a knot.
Sizing options available

Product no.: ASK001

Aero Healthcare
Resuscitation Mask in Keyring Case New Double Valve Protection - Contains two separate valves working independently to increase operator safety

Product no.: ABN10

Aero Healthcare
Nonwoven, Disposable
Triangular bandages are lightweight and allow air circulation to ensure patient comfort. 
They are individually wrapped, spunbond and can also be folded to use as a pad to control bleeding
110cm x 110cm

Product no.: ABC10

Aero Healthcare
Re-useable Calico Triangular bandages are made from high quality bleached white cotton that can be washed and re-used. They are overlocked to reduce fraying, and have sufficient strength to withstand pressure exerted by a resting arm.
110cm x 110cm

Product no.: AFS001


Aero Healthcare

  • Keeps body fluids away from rescuer
  • Inexpensive & Disposable
  • Hygienic
  • Small Convenient pocket size
Product no.: AWF03

Aero Healthcare
Sterile Hypoallergenic Finger Dressing
3 Pack: AWF03
Size: 4.5cm * 4.5cm

Product no.: PINS-12

Assorted safety pins in bag

Product no.: MG-SCB5

Non-woven Balls, 5 pieces in a sterile package

Product no.: KD700-NS

Non-sterile Kidney Dish
Size: 700mL
Graduated (Clear)

Product no.: AW1500

Aero Healthcare
Durable polyethylene with hard plastic rim
Available in Box of 50 or Retail Pack of 3
Graduated to 1500ml
AW1500 Pk. 50 VB001R Pk. 3

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