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Product no.: BDP08-888

Home Care - Basic Dressing Packs are designed not only for hospitals, but also are a convenient and easy way for the patient to clean and dress wounds post-op in the privacy and comfort in their own home.
Sterile - All packs are sterile, eliminating the risk of infection
Disposable - All contents are disposable, including the Tray. This eliminates sterilising or autoclaving

Product no.: AWDS

Aero Healthcare
These field wound dressings are a highly absorbent cotton pad attached to a gauze bandage.
Available in 3 sizes, they are a single use item and ideal for first aid and emergency response.
To use, pull tab to unwrap dressing. Avoid touching front of sterile pad. Place pad over wound, keep a hold of the short end of the bandage and wind the long end firmly around limb and tie in a knot.
Sizing options available

Product no.: ABN10

Aero Healthcare
Nonwoven, Disposable
Triangular bandages are lightweight and allow air circulation to ensure patient comfort. 
They are individually wrapped, spunbond and can also be folded to use as a pad to control bleeding
110cm x 110cm

Product no.: ABC10

Aero Healthcare
Re-useable Calico Triangular bandages are made from high quality bleached white cotton that can be washed and re-used. They are overlocked to reduce fraying, and have sufficient strength to withstand pressure exerted by a resting arm.
110cm x 110cm

Product no.: NWROLL

Combine Absorbent Rolls consist of a highly absorbent thick layer of fleece enclosed in a soft and comfortable non-woven fabric, folded over to form a flat tube.
The roll can be cut into sizes that suit.  These are suitable for use, either in direct contact for medium to heavily exuding wounds, or as a secondary dressing.
10cm x 10 metre roll

Product no.: AEP1S

Made from Absorbent cotton and covered with non-woven rayon, measuring 6x8cm.
Sterile - All pads are sterile, eliminating the risk of infection
Dispenser Pack - 50-pk easy to store. Convenient for quick dispensing
Also available in single pack

Product no.: SPEC70
70mL with Lid and Label
Product no.: TDNS001

Box 100pcs

Product no.: EYEBATH

1 Each

Product no.: KD700

700mL Clear

Product no.: BWB10L

Yellow bag
10 Litre 350 x 480mm

Product no.: AW1000R

Contains Sodium Chloride 0.9%.
Suitable for First Aid or Eye irrigation
Sterile 15mL Ampoule

Product no.: AWDREF

Contains Sodium Chloride 0.9%.
Suitable for First Aid or Eye irrigation
500mL bottle

Product no.: APWCB10

Aero Healthcare
Non-adherent in centre strip, will not stick to wounds.
Size 45mm x 10mm
Pack of 10

Product no.: SKC_

Skin Closure packs 6mm x 38mm and 6mm x 75mm

Product no.: UND-PAD

5-Ply Underpads, 55 x 44cm

Product no.: LLTOWL

Low-Lint all purpose towels.
35 x 30cm Dispenser Box 100

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