Medicine Measures

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Product no.: D50

Dispensary Tablet Counter
Aids accurate count with hygienic handling
Spatula included

Product no.: PS400
Four medicine cups in assorted colours 30mL size with 1mL increments
Product no.: PS7364
100-pack sleeve 30mL cups, measurements in mL, fl-Oz, drams, tsp/tbsp
Product no.: PS220_

All feature removable bulb for easy cleaning.
Suitable for delivery of medication to infants and toddlers
Increments in mL and teaspoons

Product no.: PS225

Twin pack ear and eye dropper
Long lasting and sterilizable
Featuring one straight and one bent tip
Increments up to 1ml

Product no.: PS240_

These spoons are a popular and accurate medicine deliver method for infants and toddlers.
10mL capacity with embossed increments.
Children's favourite PS250 features an alligator like design and hollow barrel for easy cleaning.

Product no.: PS401_

Range of oral medication syringes for accurately dispensing liquid medications.
All feature bottle adapter and tip cap.
Reusable, clean and safe sizes from 1mL to 10mL
PS401 - 1mL
PS405 - 5mL
PS410 - 10mL
PS215 - 10mL includes cleaning brush

Product no.: PS403

3mL dispenser, amber colour for light sensitive medication.

Product no.: PS200_

These larger medication dispensers come with a filler tube for accurate dispensing of liquidfor larger volumes and varying viscosities
Both products feature easy-to-read measurements, tip cap and tube
10mL & 20 mL

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