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Product no.: PS820

For irrigation of ears
One piece design, no internal flanges to trap bacteria
Instructions on back of card
Latex Free

Product no.: PS900

Recommended for removal of baby's nasal congestion.
Made from medical grade PVC, Latex Free

Product no.: CDM48

Health Concepts
Two different sized lenses - bookmark size and credit-card sized for wallet or purse.
Counter stand includes 24 of each lenses
Display dimensions 9.5 * 12 * 23.5 cm
Replacement Packs available

Product no.: PS603

22cm ice bag with large opening to fit whole ice cubes
Soft cover for comfort, Latex Free
Preferred by professional trainers

Product no.: PS470

Easy to use, contoured handle
Two heads for complete cleaning
Suitable for both dentures and removable bridges

Product no.: MS1

Patented tooth design for effective lice removal
3 Combs per pack

Product no.: PS530

Patented tooth design for effective lice removal
Lab tested, re-useable, for removal of lice and eggs
1 per pack

Product no.: PS550

Contains long pin comb, magnifier, tweezers and cleaning brush
Works on all hair types and styles

Product no.: PS905

Includes Hinge screws, screwdriver, screw started and magnifier
Suits spectacles and sunglasses

Product no.: PS925

Two Cases value pack with washable and water-tight cases
Compact for the pocket or purse
Star-ridged chambers prevent lenses sticking
2 pack

Product no.: PS945

Black Concave-style eyepatch
Shape Permits eye movement
One patch

Product no.: PS946

Plastic Eye protector with ventilation holes
One size fits all

Product no.: PS955

Assists in administering eye drops.
Holds eye open and directs drop
Fits most eye drop bottles

Product no.: BCL_

Pack 100, Pack 50

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GST Free product